Clients Speak

"I had the pleasure of seeking guidance from Tathastu Punyaphall, and it has been a truly enlightening experience. Their numerology insights and Vedic astrology readings provided me with valuable clarity and direction. With their assistance, I gained a deeper understanding of my life's purpose and how to align my actions with positive karmas. Highly recommended!"

Ishita Malhotra

"I was amazed by the profound Vastu Parikshan services offered by Tathastu Punyaphall. They skillfully analyzed my home's Vastu and combined it with my astrology chart to suggest practical remedies. The positive energy shift in my home has brought harmony and peace to my family. Grateful for their genuine care and expertise!"

Sushil Pathak

"The Tarot reading session with Tathastu Punyaphall was an eye-opener. Their intuitive interpretations provided me with valuable insights into my business decisions and personal life. The guidance I received was spot-on, and it helped me make informed choices with confidence. Thank you for your exceptional guidance!"

Sona Sharma

"I had a remarkable experience with Past Life Regression therapy at Tathastu Punyaphall. Their gentle and professional approach helped me explore deep-rooted patterns from my past lives. The healing journey has positively impacted my present life, bringing clarity and inner peace. I am grateful for the support and guidance they provided throughout the process."

Kiran Tiwari

Numerology made me aware of what I need to focus on in the next few years. He not only identitified the issues what I would face in the future but also recommended simple remedies for them. Very thankful to Tatthastu team for introducing me to this wonderful session.


Tarot reading consultation was the first experience in my life. The reading was very apt , could take decisions easily and in the right direction. Thanks🙏 to Tatthastu team for such a wonderful service.


PLR helped me make peace with my past , forgive people which internally helped me in my physical and mental ailments.


Thanks a lot for the wonderful session. It was badly needed. And I am happy that I have got the right push for my further journey. And I am sure now onwards there will be different me.


"What is there in name? Or what all are there in name?” Numerology session and name spell change, made me think on entrepreneurship and implement it effortlessly. Thank you to our renowned Numerologist

Smitha S Patel

Vastu on the basis of astrology is a unique concept and it was perfectly done. The changes suggested were doable and without any alterations to the structure. Thanks a ton Tatthastu team for introducing me to your experts.


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